EPJ ST special issue


Selected articles of the workshop participants will be published in a special issue on
"Novel Quantum Phases and Mesoscopic Physics in Quantum Gases"
of The European Physical Journal - Special Topics (EPJ-ST)


Two types of contribution are welcome:
Original Paper (v1) - reserved to invited speakers.
A typically 5-10 pages contribution, which contains a significant fraction of original material e.g. because it is a follow up paper of a recently published letter or rapid communication providing more background and details and/or possibly an update re results.

Original Paper (v2) - open to all participants.
A short study, typically 3-5 pages containing predominantly new material, on a very specific aspect of some broader research published elsewhere.

The paper should be submitted in .pdf format to one of the organizers or to the e-mail address lyonbec2012@ens-lyon.fr

Deadline for submission is September 9th 2012, earlier submission is welcome.

Guidelines for  the preparation of the manuscript could be found at the link

The macropackage in LaTeX2e, designed especially for EPJST, is available via anonymous ftp from the ftp server: